Platinum Package

The big kahuna of pre-qualifed lead databases available for targetted campaigns.

  • 100 Million US Businesses
  • 125 Million US Consumers
  • Pre-Qualified and Confirmed
  • Researched and Verified
Minimum Order
20% Discount
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Sales Leads

Gold Package

Reach new prospects, convert new customers, build your Company's future.

  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Custom Leads
  • SEO & Online Leads
First Order
10% Discount
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Marketing Leads

Silver Package

Specializing in pre-qualified and accredited investor leads.

  • PPMs, Startups, Movies
  • IPOs, Small Cap, OTC, Penny Stocks
  • Commodities, FOREX, Futures
  • Mutual Funds, Bonds, Blue Chips
Minimum Order
5% Discount
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Investor Leads

Sample Lead & Data

Leads can be transmitted to you in your choice of format including Microsoft Excel, CSV, text, PDF and other formats. If available, pre-qualified and accredited leads will include the following data:

Full Name
Address, City, State, Postal Code
Work Phone
Home Phone
Mobile / Cell Phone
E-mail Address
Liquid Capital Amount
IRA / 401K
Accredited Investor (SEC defined)
Business Owner
Type of Business
Occupation Duration
Annual Income
Investment Preferences
Previous Investments
Future Investments

Lead Pricing

General pricing on pre-qualified and verified sales and investor leads:

For customized sales and investor lead pricing, or to receive an immediate lead quote, please contact FNIN by e-mail, phone or submit the online contact form.

E-mail Pricing

E-mail campaign marketing has become an indispensible element to every successful marketing plan. If e-mail is not part of your business, you're still operating in the stone age. E-mail marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing and optimization and mobile all work hand-in-hand to execute a winning marketing campaign.

FNIN offers a wide variety of lead products and e-mail marketing services to help you get the most out of your marketing budget. General pricing for e-mail leads, creative and delivery are as follows:

We are experts in e-mail marketing, but also how it should work to drive social media engagement. We are enthusiastic about helping you leverage your competitive strengths through the use of targetted e-mail lists and creative e-mail marketing.

For customized e-mail creative and marketing campaigns pricing, or to receive an immediate e-mail lead quote, please contact FNIN by e-mail, phone or submit the online contact form.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to help your business succeed by providing you the highest quality interaction with your targeted consumer or business leads and prospects. We focus on doing what we do well so your success is reflected in our success. We have been generating leads since 1992, so we realize that if your business is growing, then our business is growing.”

FNIN Support

About FNIN

FNIN is located in the heart of the entertainment industry in Burbank, California and is one of the longest running lead and list providers in the United States. FNIN provides high quality business and consumer leads for a variety of marketing campaigns -- e-mail, direct mail, SEO and social media. For more information about how we can help grow your business, please send us an e-mail at info @ Or, complete the form on the Contact page to receive an immediate response.